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Dental crowns

Our aspiration at Dhotrad’s Sunny Dental Clincis is to provide dentistry that is undetectable. That is why we provide dental crowns as a cosmetic offering. As the name implies, the crowns sit at the top of the tooth like a cap. The crown acts as a protective cover for the tooth. This dental restoration resembles the natural tooth resulting in an enhanced smile that makes one look and feel amazing.

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is basically a cap for a damaged or a fractured tooth. It is designed from a variety of materials, including metal or porcelain.

What are the benefits of a Dental Crown?

A Crown provides a wide array of solutions for dental problems. Some advantages they offer are:

• Adds needed strength to weak teeth
• Restores teeth to a natural pleasing look
• Provides covering for a dental implant
• Covers teeth discolorations
• Holds a filling together

What are the types of Dental Crowns?

Different kinds of materials are used in crowns, including:

• Porcelain
• Ceramic
• Zirconia
• Metal
• Gold
• Composite resin
• A combination of materials

For case in point, one could have a porcelain crown that’s fused to metal, as opposed to an all-porcelain crown.

When selecting the material for the crown, your dentist considers factors such as:

The tooth’s location

• How much of the tooth will show when one smiles
• Position of the gum tissue
• Function of the tooth that needs the crown
• How much of the natural tooth is remaining
• Color of the surrounding teeth

The most suitable material is decided based on the need and the suitability to the tooth in consultation with the patient.

Temporary Crown

A temporary crown is a crown that’ll only remain in the mouth for a short period of time.

It is placed over the tooth with an adhesive that can be easily removed, so it is not as strong as a permanent crown.

This is done while waiting for a permanent crown to be prepared. The permanent crown is placed on the tooth at a second appointment.

Who needs a Crown?

If one has a large cavity that is too big for a filling, it may require a crown.

One may also need a crown if the tooth is:

• Severely worn down
• Cracked
• Weakened

Crowns are also recommended following a root canal on a tooth, because the tooth is more fragile and needs protection.

One may be a candidate for a crown if one has a missing tooth, and the dentist needs to put in a dental bridge or a tooth implant.

What is the life of a Dental Crown?

Variations in crown placement and other factors could affect the results in an actual person. All-ceramic and all-porcelain crowns may look more natural, but they’re usually not as strong as the metal or porcelain-fused-to metal versions.

The life of the dental crown depends on factors as oral hygiene habits, and the amount of wear and tear. When taken care of, crowns can last many years.

Alternative to Dental Crown

A dental crown may be the most recommend solution however alternatives exist.

A veneer is recommended in case a tooth is too weakened or worn down to support a regular filling.

Your dentist will most likely recommend the crown that works best for your specific situation or is the best alternative option.